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Legislative District 27

Member Since: 2023

2023 Committees:

  • Judiciary Committee Chair

  • Commerce

  • Appropriations

  • Transportation and Technology

An active part of the Republican Party, Anthony Kern is conservative, pro-family, firmly upholds the United States Constitution and works diligently to promote individual liberty and freedom.


"From a very young age, I understood the promise and responsibility we hold with our right to vote. Growing up in Minnesota, I watched my father study the issues and head to the polls at election time. I learned from my dad the importance of casting a ballot and what the vote of just one person means."


"Men and women throughout America’s history have given their lives so that we may vote, my dad would say. I’m glad he instilled in me this right and responsibility. I take it as seriously as he does and hope that every Arizonan, no matter their political stripe, votes in our elections. Our constitutional way of life depends on it."

Office Phone​: 602-926-3497

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